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Hi all so after a few recommendations here I have now pulled my pinto engine and have a Zetec ready to fit. However I’m sitting here today looking at the fuel system, I’ve got Jenvy ITB’s and wondering if anyone has tackled the fuel return issues, obviously I ran carbs prior so had a float chamber with no return to the fuel tank. Has anyone found a way of getting round this without having to run a fuel return to the tank?

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The supply line for injection needs to be a bigger diameter than the standard run carb fuel lines and also needs high pressure capable connectors on the end.  Therefore, the simplest conversion is to use a fuel swirl pot under the bonnet:


The existing low pressure pump from the tank fills the swirl pot.  A high pressure pump under the bonnet takes the fuel from the bottom of the swirl pot, then the return from the rail goes back to the swirl pot.  However, you will still need a return to the tank from the swirl pot to "bleed" the air from the system.

As the return is only running at low pressure, you could just use some flexible fuel hose (I would recommend stainless braided for extra safety that is E10 petrol compatible) cable tied securely down the tunnel.

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