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Hi All,

I recently bought a Tiger Avon 2.0 with a silver top zetec engine.

I was doing some wring tidying under the dash and have done the school boy error of not taking photos before i started.

I unplugged a relay which was taking a feed from the ignition barrel and back out to feed the crank feed on the ignition barrel.

When i connect it all back up the key turns to stage 2 for ignition and cranks immediately not allowing the fuel pump to engage.

When i take the feed off the crank feed the ignition works fine, fuel pump kick in and the engine cranks but wont fire.

I have obviously done something wrong but i cant seem to get it resolved.

Relay pins

pin 30 direct 12v live from the battery with 20amp fuse in line
pin 86 ignition feed in
pin 87 feed out to crank wire on ignition barrel
pin 85 ground

Any assistance or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Jamie

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