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For Sale some tyres that have been using on my car for racing and track days last year.

Most of the tyres can be used on the road and have a reasonable amount of tread left for a number of track days apart from the ZZR's

Avon ZZR's £90 inc delivery Size - Rear 215 x 13 Front 185 x 13 = one of the front tyres has a nick on the side wall but is not deep so is a freebie. These tyres are worn and would be good for perhaps 2 - 3 track days depending on size / power / weight of the car.

Bridgestone RE71 £130 inc delivery Size 205 x 13 all round. I bought these as a tyre case of a wet race / track day before going to a bigger size rear tyre. as you can see they have not really been used and would be ok on a road car.

Khumho Ecsta V700 Medium £160 inc delivery Size Rear 235 x 13 Front 185 x 13 with about 3 mm tread left 1.5mm / 2mm to the wear bar for road use.
These have to be the best tyres I have used so far for racing and track days. They are my tyre of choice for next year, the tyres are still on the car hence why the pictures are not very good.

Let me know if you want any more info

50618189_10213531186742671_3974569616256008192_o.jpg     50709884_10213531187422688_351959968473153536_o.jpg  50613903_10213531188022703_2959899604214087680_o.jpg  50959528_10213531182822573_463714240125992960_n.jpg 


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