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Whilst this is a forum for building cars, I want to keep a diary of the car through my ownership. This also might help others who purchase already built cars with ideas and information for their own cat.

So I purchased this car from eBay for £6300:

I took the car to a rolling road as it was running a little rough and using way too much fuel (may I add it's not that much better now [wink] )

The car produced 150hp, although a previous printout is for 158hp. I am sure that can be found with a bit more fettling.

The following week I had an unfortunate incident where the drivers side rocker snapped completely:

This resulted in purchasing two new rockers and ball joints from Tiger Racing. £300 ish for the parts. £180 for labour at the garage, although this included a general going over the car etc (and potentially putting a hole in the floor!)

So had the car back and decided I'd take it for a spin. The geometry has been reset so the bloody thing nearly took me into a lamp post... or was it my lack of skill?

Took the carpets out of the footwell and found this:

There seems to be a hole where someone has jacked the car up, perhaps not using any wood over the cup or in the wrong place. No chassis damage, but the hole needs repairing. Watch this space for the repair.

The next part is to take off the stickers... so I started today, here you go:

More photos to follow...

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