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I've just listed my Tiger R6 on ebay...can't access my photos to replicate the 'Ad' here, but here's the blurb;

Click here for link to eBay advert

Tiger R6 2005 - £11,250; This car has been developed, upgraded and maintained on a no expense spared basis. This is far from 'standard' as everything on the car has been done with a view to reliability, performance and practicality....well as far as an open 2 seater car with no heater can be! All maintenance/upgrades have been carried out by a garage which understands 'kits'.

I've owned this car since 2012, it was a great car when I bought it, but I knew what i wanted to finish up with and since then the list of works and upgrades is staggering!

If you've had a kit car before you'll know that certain upgrades are not cheap, getting the right or best spec car to start with generally makes far more sense than upgrading it afterward;That's what this car offers - upgrades and 'extras' to the point where barring personal taste nothing else is needed. Currently insured with a 16K agreed value. This car is well known in the South Eastern kit car scene as I'm a member of SKCC - southern kit car club.

Headlines; ( these upgrades are since 2012)

Forged 2.0 zetec engine, 218bhp, tuned for torque with Jenvey T/Bodies and running a Pace dry sump system, Davies/Craig electric water pump & controller Custom S/Steel Powerspeed exhaust.

BGH heavy duty close ratio 5 spd box with long 1st gear, 3.92 Quaife ATB and bolt on shafts. Momo 260 steering wheel. Quick rack. Custom ali skid plate to protect sump.

Hi-Spec brakes front and rear, medium Billet 4's on the front. Floor mounted pedal box with adjustable F/R bias.

Triple core ali rad with high power Kenlowe fan and adjustable temp controller/thermostat.

Team Dynamics 1.2 Pro Race with Toyo r888r, larger ali fuel tank giving 270+ mile range. DTA  ECU. Painted bodywork.


'Real' Carbon all round; Arches, cockpit, dash, aeroscreen. LED headlamps. Full analogue gauges - inc Stack electronic speedo. F/Glass seats, 4point aero style harness. Softbits Tonneau with centre zip, surrey style hood which goes over the roll bar. Custom 'ali' side flares. High level brake light, fog light. 12v accessory power supply.

Driving; This car can handle a Sunday jaunt, Touring or track days; The power is there if you have a heavy right foot, if you want more - pop in some more aggressive cams. The braking is the best I've come across in a 'kit' and the steering and turn in is spot on. So 'torquey' that its a pleasure to also drive around Town or just for a 'dawdle'.

Overall. It has the air of a track/race car - which was the look that I wanted, but has rarely been tracked. The bodywork is painted, an obvious nod to the Gulf Racing cars of the past, and the little homage to Steve McQueen/Le Mans is airbrushed. Any spares I have will be included, that's a brand new alternator, fuel pump, coil pack, HT leads, belts etc. This car has not wanted for anything, and aside from upgrades has had regular maintenance/services ( just had new battery, MOT, coilpack/leads/plugs/oil). The 'not so perfect'; Drivers side cockpit top edge the paint has worn, if I were keeping my intention was to cover/protect that with a bit of carbon style wrap as the belt buckle touches it when getting into the seat. ITG Air filter could do with being replaced.

Examples of little 'added extras/benefits; Oil pressure warning light set at 25psi, led warning light to indicate that water pump working, remote switch for water pump in case of temp control failure, pockets sewn under passenger tonneu - perfect for storing phone etc, remote adjuster for brake bias, top mounted fuel filler - quick and easy to brim the tank, ProTech adjustable dampers, genuine SPA mirrors....

Why selling? I've enjoyed 'Kits' for 15yrs+. The intention was to have a fun car that I could enjoy 'solo' on early morning runs, tours and also for pottering out with the Mrs. Sadly she's got an eye problem, and there's no way that she'll get in a car without a 'screen'. With that in mind, it's prob the right time to move on to something else; Which I know will not be as much fun as this!

Usual Caveats; If you can prove that you're fully insured to drive it and are willing to give a non refundable deposit ahead of a test drive to cover any insurance 'excess' then you're fine to test drive it, otherwise I'll drive it with you as passenger. No, it's not going to be 'given away' with a cheeky cheap offer, the extras on this car warrant the price. The brakes alone would come to close to £1.5k, the gearbox/diff another £3k+, a forged engine with that power....you get the picture! Personal plate NOT included in the sale.

Located 10 mins from sevenoaks/dartford crossing nr Brands Hatch.


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What are you getting instead?
Tiger Super Six (now Avon!)
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