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Welcome to the Tiger Owners Forum,

I am looking at selling my Tiger R10 but it is going to be a bit more than you have indicated as it has had quite lot of modification's in all areas including the suspension which has billet alloy uprights and hubs with aero profile upper and lower wish bones.

All the suspension bushes have also been upgraded so they are now a graphite material which provide no resistance, and a tubular anti roll bar that will influence the handling with even as small adjustment as 10mm. Pushing the anti-roll bar link fully forward will cause the car to under steer while going to fully back will allow the car to roll / tip in the corner.

The shock absorbers are made by Protech with 400Ib springs to cope with the increased fulcrum effect due to the front wheels being moved out so they are the same width as the rear.

The car weight with me sitting in the car and fuel keeping in mind that it has a full roll cage and fire extinguisher system in place is 650kg.

I am looking at putting the car up for sale both with a engine and gearbox which will be a 2lt Duratec on Throttle Bodies with a Race Line Wet Sump, Emerald K6 ECU and a Close Ratio type 9 straight cut gearbox, quaife LSD diff with a 3.9 ratio 

The Emerald K6 ECU will run 3 separate engine maps so one can be used for MOT's and the other 2 can be set up for wet or dry conditions. All hubs are fitted with sensors that checks the rotation speed between the front and rear wheels to provide a Traction and Launch control if required. 

The above engine will produce around 200 - 210 horse power which will be confirmed with a rolling road printout.

A larger ali fuel tank that can hold +/- 10 gallons and has a sump which can hold +/- Half a Gallon of fuel to stop fuel surge / free surface effect. There is also 2 high pressure fuel pumps 1 that will pump fuel from the tank to a swirl pot and another to pump fuel to the throttle bodies through stainless steel braided hoses all fitted with JIC fittings. 

The car will also be fitted with Image Split Rim Alloys with 8" x 13" rims on the rear and 7" x 13" on the front and upgraded brakes with brake bias and carbon metallic brake pads which will allow car to slow from speed with Carbon NV front wings.

There will be 2 high backed Fibre Glass Seats fitted with 6 point seat harnesses, if the passenger seat is removed it will allow you to fit a ali fairing over the passenger side and there is a fibre glass side panel spray painted to match the car.

There are also different soft covers that can be used over the cockpit area.  

The car is also registered for road use even though it hasnt been used on the road for many years as it has been mainly used for racing, track days and sprint events.

The car has also been featured in 2 magazine articles and been used on display at the Stoneleigh Car Show.

The price for the above is £16,000

The other alternative is all of the above apart from the engine and gearbox for £8,000 with the gearbox for sale for £1,500 as it was only rebuilt last year and had nearly all the internals replaced.

Anyone interested??   

New revised front suspension showing sensor in place for Traction and Launch Control.

View of Engine Bay with removable bulkhead panel

Custom Pedal Box.jpg   
Pedal Box showing the Brake Bias System in place.

What the car looks like on track, note how flat the front tyres are to the track surface when cornering allowing you to carry a lot of speed through corners.


This is what the car looks like with the Image Wheels, I also have another set of Force Racing Split Rim Wheels that can be bought to go with the car.

Best Regards to all 



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This is hardly anywhere near the £4k Cat the original poster wanted in the thread you hijacked.

I have therefore moved it to its own thread.

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Hi Gazza,

Lovely looking car - if I had the budget I'd be very tempted.

Quick question regarding the pedal box please - did you reinforce the bulkhead/floor when you bolted it in? Looking at fitting one myself to my Supercat for the extra legroom.

Cheers, and good luck with the sale!


Tiger Supercat, 1.6 Pinto, skinned knuckles [frown]

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Hi Ed, 

Yes I had to fit a plate in the footwell as well as the forward bulkhead drilled to take the master clyinders.

The other thing that I would recommend getting some small bore instrument pipe to use for the cable to adjust the brake bias, the reason for this is if you use the flexible outer cable it will twist up when adjusting the bias.

The other thing is to tell the company you are buying the pedal box off that it is for a Kit Car as I had to buy and fit a replacement master cylinder for the rear of the car due to still being over braked as there is no weight in the car.

Also have a careful think about the way in which the floor mounted throttle cable linkage needs to be run. 

It might be a case of retaining the original Throttle Pedal if it is top mounted and just fitting a floor mounted pedal box for the Brakes and or Clutch. 

You can get single pedals for either the Brakes and or Clutch.

As my car has a Duratec Engine it has a Hydraulic Clutch so again you do not have to think about cable runs over linkages.

Good luck with your project.

Best Regards,


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