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I just looked at caterham prices on piston heads and when you compare it to my 2014 super six with a brand new zetec in it I would have to spend about 32k for the equivalent year and bhp. Now I know it's got aluminum panels and not a live axle but really are our tigers only worth 4,5 and 6k at the minute. Surely they can't stay as low as this for years to come when you consider the cost of webbers alone. I could afford to have tiger supply and paint me aluminum panels and loads of others goodies as upgrades for a few extra grand and still be well under 32k. So let's all pat ourselves on the back for having an awesome performing car/bang for buck. Long live the tiger. Now how about those new alloys this year as a treat to myself [wink]

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Well said that man !

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That is beauty of owning a older Tiger as the price will never go down as long as you look after it.

For example Tiger Racing have a stunning Tiger Super 6 in deep oxford blue with a 1700 cc engine on 40 webbers which will give any one who has never driven a 7 type car a buzz for under 5k and insure it for around £100 ish a year fully comp.

I dont know if things have changed but it was cheaper to add my son when he was 18 to the Tiger insurance than on a normal road car of the same 2 lt engine size... so you can guess which car he opted to drive [smile]

You could easily keep the car for 4 or 5 years and still sell it for the same money.

I am now on my 4th Tiger and the car I have now is a similar power to weight as the Caterham R400 and cost £22 k ready built to get in and drive away with a 220 bhp engine...

The R400 would have been at least twice that or more....

The other big plus for the Tiger is the heavy duty box section chassis which means that if you have a whoops moment you are not faced with buying a new chassis to go with all the body parts you might need.

Some of the Caterham boys couldnt believe that I was able to get out in the Race at Brands after I had a off moment at Paddock Hill.

The only thing that needed doing was to empty the gravel out of the car and bend the nearside mudguard stay back into place. Most Caterhams would have needed a new front chassis at least.

So enjoy driving your bargain cars when ever you get a chance.....


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