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Never driven a Tiger Avon, so after opinions. Currently building a track only Avon, with 2l Zetec. Have read that the Avon can suffer from understeer, due to the engine being further forward towards front axel compared to other 7 based kits. I have the option to move the engine back by approx 3 inches, but would mean extra fabrication, and changing the bonnet bulge etc.

Does anyone have first hand experience of handling characteristics on track? I don't want to create myself a shed load of work for little gain, or fix something which isn't too much of a problem. I would also be changing to a wider track front end at some point next year anyway.


Track Avon with Zetec crate motor, Jenvey TB, and RX8 box

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Hi, I have an Avon that I use on both road and track. I have never had a problem with understated, although I did alter the front suspension due to the inside tyre scrubbing and dragging on tight turns. I would fit the wide track and then see how it handles. Also fit the engine as far back and low as you can. I wouldn't have thought you would have too much trouble fitting a Zetec engine as I have a Vauxhall red top which is taller.
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