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Decided to sell my Super 6. First things first. I want £7000 for the car but I am realistic and open to sensible offers. Don't make silly offers, you won't get an answer.

I will be sad to see it go but I haven't been out in it for 18 months due to other commitments and can't see that changing in the near future.

The car will be available for sale in about 3 or 4 weeks. I am unable to do anything with it before that time.

It will be going on Ebay as well as other advertising options but thought I should give people here the first option.

So, Super Six, great condition in complete running order. 2.0 Zetec Black top with 2500 miles from new. Fuelled by twin Delorto 45s. Type 9 transmission.

I will include all the bits I can find that fit the car, covers, windscreen wiper mechanism, anything else I have.

More details required? PM me. More up to date pictures to follow.

13697022_10157258335745523_3325882115480346340_n.jpg  crop.jpg 

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