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Evening... can any advise how I become a member as my insurance co. Is asking for Club Member number?

Super Moderators
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Your insurance is asking for a club membership number because you have told them you're a member of the owners club in order to get a discount on your premiums when in fact you're not.  This is exactly the reason why, when you register, your title states "Not A Club Member" due to people expecting benefits in return for have provided nothing.

The forum costs the administration team time and money to run and also relies on time from our valued members to provide useful contributions which assist everybody, registered user or not.

Therefore, until you have been a member of the forum for a prescribed amount of time AND made an amount of useful contribution, your status will remain as "Not A Club Member".

Your "useful contribution" doesn't necessarily have to mean posting lots of technical answers, it can just as easily be questions that haven't been answered before that open up advice and debate which are then of a benefit to other members.

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Lol I didn’t know such a thing existed or membership numbers
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