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Hi All,

I recently upgraded my front brakes (SuperSix) and now have an almost complete set of the VW Lucas Callipers (originally off the Golf VR6 I think?) with associated calliper bracket and hardware (spacers, plates and bolts).  I was originally planning to recondition them but, to be frank, have decided that it's too much hassle!  

They have been painted at least twice (badly!) and all of the rubber needs replacing (it's pretty perished and has overspray).  They will need new guide pins and pistons as well.  I was going to replace all of the valves but they are not in terrible condition.  I've sanded through the paint to get to the serial number on one of the callipers (the 32323570/6).

Some picture on here:


I say almost complete set because I got my lefty loosy and righty tighty mixed up and rounded one of the countersunk bolts when removing (it's still connected to the tor

Having done the worse job in the world selling them... they are free to a good home if anyone wants them.

PM or reply.  If I don't get a reply in a few weeks I'll probably scrap them as I don't have the storage space.

Would need to be able to pick up in Reading or pay the postage.


Tiger Super Six with 2L Zetec
Blog: http://www.cartigersupersix.com
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