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Is it possible to separate a pinto engine and type 9 gearbox in situ within a cat e1? Is there enough room to slide the engine forwards with the springs removed to give enough room to slide the drive shaft out and clear of the engine?


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Hi Stewart,

I was waiting to see if any clever sod responded with a positive answer.

As nobody has, I would suggest that it isn't possible to split the engine from the box in situ. Even after removing the springs (as well as the water pump etc. from the front of the engine) you are still restricted by the rocker arms. There is also precious little room to move the gearbox backwards particularly after lifting it out of its mounting bracket. Even if it is possible to split the items, the very restricted room for manoeuvre could cause strain on the input shaft/clutch/spigot etc.

Regardless of what you need to do (clutch? engine strip/change?), it seems the only answer is to take the engine and box out as one. My engine removal was achieved by raising up the front of the car and dropping the unit out underneath. As this was in preparation for an engine rebuild, it didn't matter that I had to remove the inlet manifold (and cylinder head as it happened) for the block to 'drop'. If you're looking to, say, just replace the clutch, you may want to pull the engine out from the top (I didn't have access to a hoist so I had no option!).

So now I await being shot down in flames by someone corresponding to say splitting the unit in situ is a piece of wee wee........


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With a Zetec, you can split the engine enough to remove the sump, which requires a gap of around 1/2" so the rear lip of the sump clears the baffle plate.

As the Pinto is far closer to the springs, dampers, rocker arms etc in the first instance and you need around 2" split to get the gearbox input shaft clear of the clutch, I'm with Michael (overdriver) in that I don't think it is going to be possible.

I also recommend lowering the engine onto a trolley, lifting the chassis and rolling the engine/gearbox out from underneath.  There is less chance of gearbox oil splillage and it's a lot easier way of doing it.

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I managed to , took a bit of careful manoeuvring though. Coilovers come off but think I left the rocker arms on, lifted the engine up as opposed to dropping it . Jacked the gearbox up a bit at the front to help with the angle to get the input shaft clear.
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