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Just recently I had a bit of a problem with my Type 9 gearbox which resulted in a £800 bill. Not surprising considering that it is probably 20 yrs old. This got me thinking.

I have a Super 6 with a 2L zetec silvertop which I bought 18 months ago. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the engine, apart from being a bit noisy (tap noise). I have no idea how many miles the engine has done, could be 10K for all I know. The engine is producing 150bhp, so fairly basic tuning, running on R1 carbs and a very old Webcon Alpha ecu, which I think was originally used in conjunction with 45 weber carbs, I have basic 2D map only.

I had no idea that I could buy a new 2L zetec blacktop (new, but probably 12 years old) for approx £800. I was thinking 'what if' scenario. What if the silvertop engine blows up, the big ends go, the timing belt goes, etc,etc (yes, I know, prophet of doom). Also, if I intend keeping my Tiger for ever, would it not be a good idea to think ahead. Maybe, upgrade from silver to black sometime in the near future. Things never get cheaper and these Blacktops are not going to be around for ever, so buy one now and store for a rainy day.

Would a Blacktop produce more HP then the Silvertop with the same setup (forget the Webcon) I would probably get the Nodiz Pro and re tune anyway. I know that a blacktop is not a straight swap, but almost. Am I confused in my thinking, looking at what seems to be a good deal and spending now to save money later, rather then the reality, which is, if it's not broken, don't fix it ?

If there is a small power gain to be had, surely this is a cost effective way to do it and have a new engine in the process. also, the old Silvertop most have some value.

Any thought would be appreciated.

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