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As I’m now more likely to get round to building a pedal box cover it’s the ideal time to replace the master cylinder with a smaller bore (≤20mm) version. I know this topic has been addressed before and variants from Escort, Fiesta, Punto, Fiat 124, Mondeo etc. have all been suggested but I’m looking for definitive information on performance improvement and fitment issues. Currently, I have a Girling m/cyl marked 6606 ASAS 03DY (a.k.a. TRW 4052) Sierra original with a 22mm bore. This has a large flange with the holes for the 17mm bolts set at approximately a ‘10 to 4’ position with a gap of 90mm between hole centres.

Master cyl small.jpg Weavo56’ has written of his fitment of an ex Escort van cylinder which required some adjustment I believe to clear the bonnet line (is that correct Graham?) but I wonder whether there is an even more direct alternative. The flange size appears to be of significance as the bolts in my current set up also secure the front of the pedal assembly housing. Finally, unless there is a standard dimension for the reservoir holes (is there?) it would be convenient to have something that my current reservoir fits on to.


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