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Hi not new to building cars bikes and general spannering.

Just new to the IVA part of things and seems a mine field.

Looking at a Tiger abandoned project, see below.

 Had a chat with guy here on ebay. (link below) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/tiger-cat-kit-car/142563505563?hash=item213172759b:g:xJUAAOSw3fZZ~EZy

Fitted with Sierra diff drive shafts suspension and brake parts, few other goodies.

My Concern has no log book etc for any donor parts, looks rough i know although something to start with.

Going to check if it has chassis no. understand it is near pedal assembly, if not there will walk away anyway. If it is going to contact Tiger and see if will provide copy receipt etc.

How would i go about building it if wanted to get age related plate? planning to strip everything off to start so will be able to provide a full photographic record of the build.

Or am i better off just picking parts up and going down q plate route?


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The chassis is usually stamped by the builder.

What there should be is an aluminium plate printed with Tigers' details and the weights and chassis number stamped on it.
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